Dean & Renee Titus
Class of 1986 & 1988

By Lucinda Chumley (’16)


Dean (’88) and Renee (’86) Titus were doing business as ministry before it was even cool. While a student at LIFE, Dean began volunteering in the graphics department at a local Foursquare church. His volunteer position turned into a paid position as he discovered what he loved – graphic design. Meanwhile, Renee landed a job in a prestigious law firm in Los Angeles.

In 1989, they moved to Fresno, California. Renee found work in a new law office as Dean joined the staff of a Foursquare church, managing their graphics department. Church leaders recognized that Dean was cut out for business and encouraged him to pursue it as a career, knowing his talent and potential would be limited in a church setting. In 1993, he began a small business called Executive Designs and in 1998, Dean and Renee partnered with another couple to launch an AlphaGraphics franchise.

Renee has remained in the legal field and specializes in estate planning. Through her position, she has been able to help people facing heartbreak and sorrow. After buying out their partners, Dean now fully owns and operates AlphaGraphics. The business has provided unique ministry opportunities that would not have happened in a church setting. Dean says, “You are knitted with people’s lives when you are an employer. When people call in sick, I have the choice to deal with it along the lines of what’s best for the business—cold, hard profit—or I can do what’s best for the person. I cannot divorce it from my faith. So I might make a decision that is bad for the business but good for life.”

Dean and Renee approach life and ministry with a holistic view. They are involved in their local church and have served as youth workers, small group leaders, and business council members. However, they place the highest value on the ministry that happens in their work environments because of the mentoring that occurs there. Dean and Renee truly live out the philosophy: Ministry is not a thing you do; it is a way of life.

Dean and Renee Titus