Elizabeth Escobar 
Class of 2015

A Doubting Thomas: Being Intellectual

Elizabeth Escobar ('15) isn’t afraid to ask hard questions. “At Life Pacific College I was able to be the ‘Doubting Thomas’ and it was okay. Sometimes when you grow up in church, you grow, and your questions grow too… at LPC I was able to flourish in those questions and I had permission to ask them, but also I was challenged to dig deeper. I was challenged intellectually, but to a point where I realized that these questions were Spirit-led, and God was challenging me to know Him more.”

Elizabeth now puts her intellectual giftings to work in ministry at Freedom Health Church in downtown Fullerton. She and her husband José started attending there after they moved to a different city and their commute to their home church became too difficult. “It was bittersweet,” she says. But after her graduation from LPC, she and her husband were ready to dive into ministry there. They joined the worship team, she a worship leader and he a bass player. Elizabeth serves as the Assistant Director of Freedom Health Bible College, a Bible institute based out of the church – and one she helped to launch. She also writes curriculum, grades assignments, and occasionally substitutes as an instructor for classes.

Being the Church outside of the Church…

Elizabeth’s full-time job is in social work—a field where she is particularly passionate. “My mission field is to be outside of the church,” she explains, “I know that I need to be the church outside the church.” Elizabeth currently works as a Youth Partner at Family Preservation Community Services, a nonprofit organization that works with at-risk youth. There she is able to mentor youths one-on-one, and currently balances several cases.

“It’s humbling,” she admits, “and it’s something, if I wouldn’t have had my time at LPC, I wouldn’t be able to handle, emotionally and spiritually.” Elizabeth recalls one recent occasion when she was called to a high school because there was a shooting there. “When I got home I realized I wasn’t nervous or scared because I knew God was with me… This came from having a time of stretching, growing, and emotional and spiritual preparation. When I talk with my youth today, I’m not freaking out; I’m able to handle their brokenness, and in turn I’m able to connect them with local churches. It’s the most rewarding thing, being able to do that.” Elizabeth is at liberty to recommend church or youth camp attendance as a solution to help her young clients improve their lifestyles or their outlook on life: “At the end of the day, that’s what’s gonna make a difference, maybe not for everyone immediately, but it will make a difference for eternity.”

Elizabeth Escobar