Luis & Lizz (Roper) Horn
Class of 2010 & 2011


Loving Their Neighbors

Some people take the command “love thy neighbor” literally. Luis (’11) and Lizz (Roper, ’10) Horn are those kind of people. Both LPC grads, Luis and Lizz have translated their love for God and passion for His word into an understanding of “love” as a verb.

The Horns regularly invite neighbors to “family dinner,” as a way to simply love and connect with those that surround them every day. “Where you live… that’s the church,” explains Lizz. “Wherever you go, there is church. Ministry is as simple as growing vegetables in our front yard and giving them to our neighbors.”

Luis agrees. “It’s literally loving your neighbor,” he says. “In our lives, we’ve stripped it down to its simplest form. A lot can happen just by doing that!”

That quest for simplicity is reflected in a blog Lizz started recently.  Its theme will be sustainability, including care for the environment, gardening, and recipes. “I’m passionate about teaching people to live a sustainable life,” she says, stressing the importance of “thinking about how much garbage we produce, what products we use in our homes, being self-sufficient, and making sure we are eating properly.” The blog ( went live in fall of 2015.

Work and Ministry

Lizz also has utilized social media in a ministry partnership this past year with her father, Foursquare area missionary Jeff Roper. Lizz serves as his administrator. The venture is a semi-monthly podcast called “All in! Living the Mission of God,” which focuses on leadership development via interviews with pastors and missionaries.

Luis ministers in unconventional ways as well. As a manager at a well-known car rental business, he finds that showing love intentionally in his day-to-day interactions with people is what preaches the best “sermons.”

“Everybody at work knows I was a youth pastor and I’m in ministry,” Luis says.  “I have opportunities to have conversations with employees, dispelling what the media says Jesus is. I’ve had the opportunity to pray with people at work. People see I’ll love them regardless, no matter what choices they make.”

Luis and Lizz currently are part of a Foursquare church plant in Parkland, Wash. Lizz also serves in children’s ministry and at community outreaches, while Luis serves during the service wherever needed, including prayer, prophecy, and other acts of service. Their hearts are to follow the leading of the Lord in all they do, modeling a “Yes!  Of course!“ response when asked to serve in any way. 

Being His Hands and Feet: "Keep it Simple!"

LPC faculty and staff played a strong role in shaping Luis and Lizz’s willingness to love, serve and encourage others. Luis recalls the example set by professor Mark Duzik:  “He’d ask a question, and no matter what you answered, you could see in his face how hard he was working to encourage you.”

Lizz concurs, mentioning “people like Angie Richey, who truly believed in me as a person, and us as a couple.”

It is models such as these that have inspired Luis and Lizz to live out a passionate, uncomplicated faith. “Keep it simple!” Luis advises. “Love people without the expectation that you’re getting something in return. Love someone before they even step foot in the church building. That really does change the way you minister to people.”

Luis & Lizz Roper Horn