Mandy (Snodgrass) Vieyra
Class of 2002 

By Nicole Perez ('00)

“Ministry isn’t always what you do in the church,” says Mandy (Snodgrass '02) Vieyra.  Along with co-pastoring alongside husband Jared at The River in Norco, California and raising three beautiful children (Wyatt, Aubrie, and Addington), Mandy also serves as the Visit and Events Coordinator at LPU while also running the “Fresh Opportunity Farm” ministry directly from the couple’s home.

Although Mandy and Jared’s farm is a source of income as they raise and sell various livestock, the primary purpose of the farm is to offer others a new start in life.  “Our farm is called Fresh Opportunity Farm because it gives people a fresh opportunity in life.  The boys who live with us are getting off drugs, or have financial problems or family issues and need a safe place to live.  It keeps up our income, but it also gives the boys some responsibility,” she says.  “Our calling is to disciple these young people.  Even if something in the farm fails, that’s not what it’s about.”

The young men who participate in the program are required to perform daily chores, eat meals with the family, and learn how to engage in a healthy family lifestyle.  Customers of Fresh Opportunity Farm have also donated funds beyond the price of the animals they purchase in order to help fund this ministry.
Mandy may not have expected that her path to ministry would lead her to life on a farm, but her heart has always been to reach out to people in her community.

“I would rather be more involved in my community before church,” she says.  “The people at church will have a connection and they already know Jesus, but there are people out in the community that don’t know Jesus and I want to be a part of their lives so that it’s natural and comfortable when they do come to church”.

Learning how to fully study the Word is what Mandy attributes as her greatest learning experience while at LIFE.  Her knowledge of the Word has not only given her confidence when addressing large groups of people, but also when having one-on-one conversations with others about Jesus.  This knowledge is truly at the heart of every ministry she takes on, whether that comes in the form of instilling that knowledge into her own children, or helping a community in need. 
If you would like to learn more about Fresh Opportunity Farm or how you can take part in their ministry, please visit their Facebook Page HERE.



Mandy Vieyra