Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


I’d like to be in touch with my classmates. How can I get their contact information? 
To respect the privacy of our alumni, we do not give out personal information. However, we are happy to help connect you with old friends by providing them with your contact information and letting them know that you are trying to reach them. You may create an account or login to search for them in the online Alumni Directory. You may also call us at (909) 706-3028, or email us at

How can I update my address, phone, or email information?
Fill in the Alumni Update Form and submit it online. You may also call us toll free at (877) 886–5433 ext. 304 or email your new information to us at

I’d like to receive the Carry On newsletter. How do I sign up?
We would be happy to add you to the mailing list! Please email us at or call us toll free at (877) 886–5433 ext. 304. 

How do I submit special news (wedding, new baby, etc.) to be included in Carry On?
Special news and high resolution pictures are always welcome! Please email us at or call us toll free at free at (877) 886–5433 ext. 304. 

How can I give back?
Click here to donate online, or visit our Ways to Give page for more info.

What are the tax benefits of making a gift to Life Pacific University?
Life Pacific University is a non-profit institution, so your gift is tax deductible as allowed by law. We will mail you a receipt in response to your gift. If you make a gift online, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Please keep these receipts for your tax records.

When should I send my year-end gift to count for the current tax year?
If you’re making a gift to the college by check, and for tax purposes want your contribution to count for the current calendar year, your envelope must be postmarked on or before December 31 (or June 30 for fiscal year purposes).

If you’re making a gift by credit card, the legal gift date is the date the charge hits your account and not a postmark date. Final credit card gifts are run during college business hours (PST) by the last business day of the year. You can give online or by calling us directly at (909) 706–3028. *Recurring gifts scheduled online may require additional processing time.

Will I know how my gift is being used?
When you give to LPU, you can be assured that we take every effort to steward your gift carefully. You have several options for supporting the college. If you wish to give to a specific department, program, or endowment, you may designate where you want to direct your gift on our online giving page, or on response cards in mailings. However, you’re not able to support a specific student and also receive a tax deduction. Gifts to the LIFE Fund are unrestricted and applied each year to the areas of greatest impact on campus.

How do I order transcripts?
To order your transcript from the Registrar, click here: Transcripts On Demand.
For more more information about transcripts, click here: Transcript Requests.

How do I organize an alumni event in my area?
If you want to have an event with alumni, we want to help you! Please call us at (909) 706-3028.

How do I get LPU to come to my church or high school?
We would love to visit your church or school! We have students who are eager to preach, lead worship, hang out with your youth, or simply represent the University at your events. Please call the Office of Admissions at (909) 599–5433 ext. 312.

I would like to order a yearbook from my graduating class. How can I order one?
Our library and our alumni archives have extra yearbook copies available for some class years. While a copy is not guaranteed, we are happy to see if there is one available for purchase. Please email us at **Yearbooks were produced through but not beyond the year 2010.